Brazil – Amazonia  - Forest Fuel, Yawanawa Food and Energy Resilience

back One Village Farm became involved in 2010, with a project that sought to provide plant based fuel for the Yawanwa Diesel boat motors, well pumps and generators through Jatropha orchards integrated into the indigenous village context. The project then fused  the original objective of agro-forestry based Biofuel production with the additional goal of food security / resilience for the Yawanawa people. Since then we established village scale dairy, swine and laying hen operations along with animal feed and forage, staple row  crops as well as vegetable gardens and fruit orchards. The Yawanawa people have a contract with a natural cosmetics company and grow a native seedpod, made into Magenta pigment from the Urucum tree that is traditionally used in tribal ceremonies to paint the whole body. One Village Farm assisted in the organic certification of this crop and helped to optimize logistical processes with this ethical supply chain. One Village Farm also implemented various Diesel engine conversions and piloted a Jatropha plantation – which we are still trying to expand.