Honduras – Moskitia Benefit Sharing Plan

Sebastian / One Village Farm has been active in the Moskitia region since 2009, developing a diversification plan for the Moskitia Batana producers. This remote Caribbean coast region of Honduras consists of rainforest,  Savannah and swamp that is permeated by an intricate natural canal system which connects the numerous indigenous villages where the native wild growing American Palm is harvested by Batana (wild Palm oil) producers. Sebastian is helping to diversify this economy by building small scale, community based organic produce farms that employ sustainable technologies such as  SVO (straight vegetable oil) Diesel substitute, used in modified generators and boats as well as methane digesters / Biogas for cooking fuel.  One Village Farm conceptualized and provided technical assistance and management to build a mixture of one community farm,  based around a vocational tech school and three family operated farms. These farms employ state of the art organic farming methods including Inga Alley Cropping, composting, cover crop green manuring and crop rotation along with sound animal husbandry.

One Village Farm also helped to initiate the Finca Humana Project in Puerto Lempira – a large diversified farm featuring Jatropha Biofuel production, Eco-Tourism, staple crop production, fruit and animal products as well as over 40 species of vegetables and medicinal herbs. This project is currently in the build up phase – we are looking for additional funding to get more production branches underway. Finca Humana is a natural sequence of the indigenous farming project – whereby it will act as a training and enterprise center to advance sustainable agriculture in the Moskitia – a region that doesn’t have any agrarian tradition at all.